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Dr. Raghus rhinoplasty surgery procedure can significantly improve the appearance and proportion of your nose, enhancing facial harmony and self-confidence. Nasal surgery may too help to correct the impaired breathing affected by structural irregularities in the nose. His results are truly artistic, creative, and sculptured, yet the changes he makes are quite subtle and result in a “naturally” improved appearance.

Dr. Raghu Explains

Nasal surgery is the true art and science of facial cosmetic surgery. It is a method in which one millimeter can create the difference between spectacular and horrible. There is no perfect standard in this area executing the process artistic, sculptured and creative. Patients come to me with a variety of reasons to seek rhinoplasty. I have a very strong experience of all of these problems and how much they bother patients. Patients see a variety of features of their nose, some may be complex or severe. Patients generally complain of a “big ball” on the edge of the nose, a hanging or sagging tip, a hump on the top, dents or bumps, trouble breathing, watery discharge, or sinus difficulties. The anatomy of the nose is quite straightforward with a distinct structure of bone and cartilage, overlying skin that may be thick or thin, and the mucous membrane lining the nose with all its complex working. In the nose, all of these various anatomical points must be examined and addressed prior to your surgery.

The surgical procedure involves a very thorough exam, computer pictures, and the illustrative drawings of your diagnosis and my plan. I will coordinate the features of your diagnosis with your expectations, make a plan with you, and guide you through this method. In nasal surgery, the planning, preparation, procedure, and synchronization of your and my artistic thoughts are exquisitely important. I take this really seriously with several visits, old photos, and computer images. This way you are provided with the best of all possible results.

This is a particular sub-specialization of rhinoplasty done by doctors like me who are skilled and professional in rhinoplasty for patients with particular ethnic features that must be observed, protected, and dealt with artistically. This is usually seen in Asian rhinoplasty. I can help to serve you with this issue.

This surgery requires a small general anesthetic and is performed in a hospital environment. The surgery is safe and predictable. There are very light swelling and very rare bruising after surgery. There are some small stitches, and you can back to work in as short as five to seven days and to some physical exercises in the second week. The surgical result relies on the fact that your skin will mold down around the artistically reshaped and re-molded bone and cartilage layer.

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