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Dr. Raghu Explains

Fat in the neck and face is by far the most basic reasons that patients of all ages come to see me for facial rejuvenation. I know how annoying this can be to men and women alike, and I am pleased that I can handle this issue and fit you with this facial surgery that has a fast recovery time and is one of the most gratifying to satisfy.

It is most commonly seen as a thick, bulky fullness in the neck, mostly in the front, but often in the sides and even down to the collar bones. Fat is also common in the jowls where it forms a shadow that spreads down from the lips to the jaw-line edge. Fat can be present in the cheeks, laugh lines, and in front of the ears. A more difficult fat pocket called the buccal fat pad, a deeper and several fat pockets that may be present mid-face under the cheekbone Facial fat links anatomically to the muscles in the neck, the fat under these muscles, your skin elasticity, and your bony foundations, especially in the chin. There are many various anatomic characteristics that must be examined and addressed prior to your surgery. I will coordinate the highlights of your anatomy with your expectations, formulate a plan with you, and guide you in this process. In liposuction of face and neck, there are plenty of various methods and devices that I must use correctly to suit your specific anatomic characteristics to deliver your best results.

Surgery requires a small general anesthetic and is safe and predictable. There is very light swelling and virtually no bruising after surgery. There are normally no stitches, and you can back to work in as short as three to seven days and to some physical exercise workout in the first week. The surgical result based on the fact that your fat layer, which creates the foundation for your skin, can be conveniently and artistically removed. After surgery, Oftentimes, I will add a jaw implant and/or remove the fat under the neck muscles (platysma) and tighten certain muscles as indicated.

Dr. Raghu have great expertise in liposuction of the face and neck, and I have performed these operations with very natural results that do not make you look like a changed person, but rather, young and charm and refreshed.

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