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Achieve an Elegant & Natural Facial Transformation

As we grow, our facial skin loosens, lines and wrinkles, and the muscles and ligaments also in the face of the neck relax. Many factors contribute to this process that makes the skin and ligaments to lose elasticity and can speed the process, including sun exposure, weight variations, and heredity. Dr. Raghu’s facelift functionally and artistically labels these problems and changes these signs of facial aging

A facelift requires tightening the facial and neck muscles and ligaments and removing excess skin. The state of the art facelift now also may require adding or removing volume in terms of fat or implants and adjusting your bony foundation. The results are like a more youthful, healthful energetic appearance. Turning a face from tired-looking and older to young and youthful takes extraordinary skill and experience. Dr. Raghu does this in several lengthy consultations where careful analysis of your expectations and goals are combined with what your anatomy will allow him to achieve in a safe and predictable way. Dr. Raghu calls it a “partnership” where both of you plan and agree. Regarded some of the excellent results in the country, Dr. Raghu’s skills and artistic expertise enable him to create “natural” outcomes, leaving your appearance more youthful and refreshed look.

  • Loose excess and folds of skin (facial lines and wrinkles)
  • Drooping facial traits (deep smile lines, mouth edges, falling cheeks)
  • Jowls (loose skin and fat pockets throughout the jawline)
  • Fat and wrinkles appearing around the neck (turkey neck)
  • A flat face, too long, weak chin or too short face (appearing bony foundations)

Dr. Raghu’s Facelift

“Each face is different. It is the attention of our personality and identity. You cannot use a regular technique for everyone. As specialist surgeons, we have a broad range of choices. The method must be customized to a patient’s expectations and what their analysis will provide me to do in a safe and predictable way.”

There is an indefinable elegance to a truly beautiful facelift. It needs a surgeon that is an expert of the wonderful, amazing hand-eye coordination, and a natural understanding of the intimate relationships between bone, muscle, holding ligaments and skin that so define the facial features.

“Every one of my patients has their own rare images of beauty. I want to make sure the patient and I have the same beautiful vision.”

The anatomy of the face that Dr. Raghu systematically evaluates with each patient may be thought of in layers in order:

  1. The Bony Foundation: gives the structure to the cheeks, jaw and more. This defines facial proportions, breadth, height, and symmetry of the face and jawline
  2. The Overlying Muscles and Ligaments: these are positioned above the bony foundation. Over time they expand and relax. They may become trapped in the scar from previous methods.
  3. The Complex Network of Ligaments (called the SMAS): these pass through the fatty layer and join the muscle system to the skin to modulate and impart the extremely fine and complex movements that make our expressions and features that are unique and special.
  4. The Fatty Layer: divides the muscles, ligaments and bony support from the overlying skin. Together with the bony foundations, this is all about what defines the volume in the face. It can be too much or too little.
  5. The Skin & Dermis Layer: the layer most significant for the collagen and elastic fibers it contains among other things. This is where you have elasticity, healthy collagen or not. This is the “texture” layer and may require help beyond facelift with laser, peels, Retin-A or facials to complement your procedure.

These interrelated layers—as well as your hair, hairstyle, nose, eyes, eyebrows, and ears—are all so intimately linked with each other that there are many various anatomic features which must be analyzed and addressed prior to your surgery. Dr. Raghu will thoroughly teach you then carefully “draw” a picture with you of the harmony you ask between your expectations and lifestyle and anatomy. Then he will formulate this plan with you and guide you through this process.

Facelift Surgery

What to expect from your Facelift:

Your facelift surgery is a well-defined spectrum of particular techniques that address the anatomy and the actions to be taken on each layer of your face.

The spectrum of facial rejuvenation and surgery that Dr. Raghu offers are:

  1. Facelift Surgery: A standard and latest state-of-the-art system of representing your bony foundation if needed, excluding and repositioning any excess or removed fat, tightening and/or repositioning the muscles and ligaments, and removing excess skin. Fat grafting or removal may occur if required.
  2. Tiny Facelift Surgery: Related to facelift surgery but less involved and executed through a lesser incision due to the presence of fewer excess skin and less laxity.
  3. Suture Facelift: This happens in those few patients with minimal excess skin but many of ligament laxity where you need a ligament tightening along specific vectors. The only incision is in the hairline, where a special suture is moved down to the corner mouth and jowl region in order to lift them.
  4. Other Facelifts: Depending on your particular anatomy, we will want to consider the Brow Lift, the Midface Lift, Vertical Facelift, and the Weekend Lift. These based on your vectors of laxity and the features involved.
  5. Related: There are times that plans on the eyes, ears, nose, mouth or chin will be addressed to complement the results of the facelift.

Facelift surgery includes a light general anesthetic. All surgery is done in the hospital and not in his office. Dr. Raghu uses the same extremely skilled and proficient anesthesiologist on all of his cases..

To start, a customized incision follows your natural characteristics and is covered in your hairline, around your ear, and backside of the ear for a tailored length.

While the surgery, bony foundations will be addressed as required, the volume will be addressed by liposuction of excess fat or grafting if fat is deficient. The underlying ligaments (SMAS) and muscles will be tightened. Dr. Raghu will then firmly elevate, re-position your skin over your new youthful foundation.

Immediately following surgery, a light dressing is placed. You will wake conveniently and comfortably from anesthesia with no nausea and no pain. If you like, You can stay overnight in the hospital

All of the stitches are little and removed in 4-7 days. You can back to work in as short as five to seven days and to some physical exercise in the second week.

Dr. Raghu connects with each patient, to understand their motivation, their lifestyle and what outcome they are anticipating. This is critical to guiding patients through recovery. He spends time answering questions and discussing options. A facelift is a collaborative process. Preoperatively he takes numerous photos to show you. He compares them to what you see in the mirror.

Identifying exactly which techniques deliver a particular result can only be mastered by years of the finest training, continuing education, and hands-on experience. few times a patient is not a candidate for a facelift. In those cases, Dr. Raghu recommends postponing the surgery and, sometimes, recommends upon it. Honest talks and building trust with a patient are crucial.

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