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The Normal procedure of improving the appearance of one’s smile through one or more cosmetic
dentistry. The various process are :
● Dental veneers
● Composite bonding
● Tooth implants
● Teeth whitening
Some aspects of your smile that our cosmetic dentist will review with you and that could be improved are tooth colour, Alignment & Spacing, Missing Teeth, Harmony Balance, Fuller lips, Smile and Cheeks. The duration of treatment and cost of your smile makeover will vary depending on your dentist, your location, your level of dental insurance, the state of your oral health and the extent of your customized makeover plan. With proper care and regular dental visits, your smile will look good and your crowns, veneers and other restorations will last for many years. In fact, resin-based restorations (such as tooth-colored fillings) can last anywhere from three to nine years or longer with proper care.
In addition to the color, alignment and balance of your teeth in the aesthetic zone of your smile (the section of upper and lower teeth that show when you smile), there are several attributes of your teeth and smile that your cosmetic dentist will evaluate with you when planning your makeover. These includeTooth Length, Smile Line, Tooth Proportions, Tooth Texture and Characterization.

A) Dental Veneers
It is a thin layered tooth like porcelain or composite replacement for your teeth which is placed in the front part to address the dental issues which may have worn tooth enamel, irregular tooth alignment or spacing, tooth discoloration, and cracks. This makes smile beautifully aligned, shapely teeth and may reduce the possibility of further treatment. It is important for our dentist to understand your objectives during your veneer consultation. During Consultation you have to share your preferences for the shape, length, width and colour of the veneers and the change in the appearance of your smile that you want and ensure your treatment meets the expectations.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain has the ideal characteristics as a restorative material for more complex aesthetic cases. The different shades of porcelain are mixed manually, with artistic skill, until a similar appearance, texture and translucency to the natural tooth is achieved. Dental porcelain is a highly polished material that is resistant to external staining and so the colour of the new smile will last over time.

Composite or Resin Veneers

Composite or resin veneers are manually constructed while the procedure is on. This involves application of layers of resin to the natural teeth until the desired shape and color is obtained. Unlike porcelain veneers, resin veneers are less stable but provide better scope to recover the initial through multiple applications.

B) Composite Bonding
It is advantageous with respect to cost, as porcelain is more costly and the treatment may not be covered by insurance.Composites can typically be customized while you wait for the same-day treatment. Direct composite veneers are actually fixed on your teeth. The tooth-shaded resin is applied to teeth directly where it can be shaped and fixed by the dentist. Now the shaped resin gets focussed by a high-intensity light and accordingly gets fit as per the desired outcome. Once done with fixing, it should be polished to look more natural like teeth adding features to the facial aesthetic.This process takes much less time than the porcelain one.

C) Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening is an easy & super-quick processof making your smile more attractive and beautiful. It will consume very less time and money of yours and used globally my both the genders. There are two ways of teeth whitening. It can be at dentist’s clinic done in a professional way or it can be done at home using the bleaching kits available at the drug store. This treatment is carried out whenever someone wants to restore their natural colour of teeth by removing dirt and stains. Hydrogen peroxide or Carbamideperoxideare the two bleaching agents used in the teeth whitening solution.
Discoloration may occur due to stains caused by coffee, tea, tobacco and in some cases medication. An excessive consumption with a poor oral care will increase the occurrence. Getting to know the real causes and the dental condition of the client is important prior to the treatment. Teeth whitening kits are unsuitable if you have any crowns or veneers because the peroxide in the product simply cannot penetrate the surface. Also post the procedure, immediate measures and foods to avoid need to be explained out to the clients for a long lasting effect.This treatment gives teeth a new shine, beautifying your smile and leaves you with a new level of confidence.

D) Bridal Smile Make Over
Wedding is the occasion where you have to continuously keep smiling whenever the photographer says “Smile please”. And that moment you are afraid to do it whole heartedly because your irregular & discoloured teeth may get captured for life long and ruin the frame. From new whitening techniques to porcelain veneers and other restorative dental work, the smile of your dreams is within your reach coming your wedding day. If you think your smile will ruin the pictures or make you self-conscious, then your wedding is the right reason to have a smile makeover. You should start consulting the dentist once you are engaged so that the treatment takes it time and you give time to get habituated to it and start enjoying it.

E) Gum Depigmentation
It is the process of lightening or removing black spots or patches on the gums caused by melanin also known as Gum bleaching. Use of certain long-term medicines can be a reason for this. It can be cured by laser treatment or surgical techniques.A dental laser shoots the melanocytes, which are pigments that cause discoloration or dark spots in gums, thus reducing the production of melanin in the gingival tissue. This results in a lighter and more uniform colour of the gums.

F) Gingival Sculpting
The process of reshaping the gum tissue around your teeth is basically known as Gingival Sculpting which is also termed as gingival contouring. Typically, however, soft tissue sculpting also requires bone recontouring that cannot be accomplished with a laser alone. The result is healthy and natural-looking gums for a vital, young-looking and attractive smile that adds to your confidence and appeal. The gum contouring process removes and re-shapes the extra gum tissue to lift the gum line and reveal more teeth and/or even out the gum line for enhanced symmetry. This procedure removes extra gum tissue without leaving a deficit and only exposes the part of the tooth that is normally visible. Lasers also provide greater precision, protecting the surrounding tissue from damage during the procedure.
This treatment benefits you Socially & Psychologically too by improving your beauty and self-confidence due to which you will be more active socially and make you more willing to smile. There will be a complete change in your personality and behaviour.

G) Orthognathic surgery
Orthognathic surgery also known as corrective jaw surgery and is performed to correct skeletal conditions of the jaw and face related to structure, growth or other orthodontic problems that cannot be easily treated with braces alone. Orthognathic surgery is a combined orthodontic and surgical treatment approach for the correction of dental and jaw abnormalities.
Some of which include:
a) Open bites (space between the upper and lower teeth when the mouth is closed)
b) Protruding jaw
c) Receding lower jaw and chin
d) Irregular face

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