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Follicular Unit Extraction

FUE- Follicle Unite Extraction

FUE- Follicle Unite Extraction is also termed as follicular transfer (FT), which is one of the two basic methods that will help in gaining hair follicles that will naturally occur when you undergo hair transplantation.  In this procedure the surgeon makes use of small microneedle that punches a very small incision all over the hair follicle before it gets extracted.

Each unit consists of four hairs which are called a follicular unit grafts that are used in order to transplant the balding areas of the hair. This is perhaps considered as a first option especially for people who would like to wear their hair short. Faceclinics is well recommended as one of the best in providing FUE- Follicle Unite Extraction treatment

FUE- Follicle Unite Extraction Procedure

The following will clearly help you to understand the entire process that is undergone through FUE.

  • At first the surgeons will anesthetize the scalp.
  • With the help of a small microneedle, the surgeon will make circular incisions which will be less than that of 1 mm diameter. This is done all around the follicular unit of the patients head.
  • With the help of instrument suggest that tweezer the surgeon will try to extract the follicular units from any other part of the body. In this way, the required amount of follicular will be extracted.
  • Now the area which requires a treatment e is subjected to tiny holes.
  • After that, the follicular units will be placed very carefully from where they gradually start growing.

Once the process has been successfully completed then a disinfectant is applied all over the head.

Benefits of Undergoing FUE Procedure

Choosing the best service provider such as Faceclinics is always beneficial for the individuals. Apart from that, there are some other benefits that include,

  • This is the best procedure for people who would like to replace both mustaches well as eyebrows.
  • FUE is considered as a less invasive surgery when compared with FUT without any scars.
  • The early stages of hair loss can be very well treated with this procedure.
  • This is, of course, the best choice for people who would like to enjoy short hairstyles.
  • Well recommended for people who do not have any problem even after shaving their head.

It is too good to be true that Faceclinics is the best in providing you with all unique services such as FUE- Follicle Unite Extraction and many more. Being one of the well-reputed organizations it has been providing best treatment facilities for each and every individual.  Look no further Faceclinics is always here to give you the best services and treatments.

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