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Chin Implant Surgery

Genioplasty well known as Chin implant surgery is the best way to correct your chin, neck and jawline in the way you want. This is one of the most popular surgery is that is involved with placement of an implant around the existing Chin bone.

By doing so there will be an supplement in both the size and the shape of the chin giving a natural look to the overall face. The chin implant need to be done by a professional as well as an experienced surgeon only. You could finally achieved a permanent solution and make yourself look more better and well defined.

A facelift requires tightening the facial and neck muscles and ligaments and removing excess skin. The state of the art facelift now also may require adding or removing volume in terms of fat or implants and adjusting your bony foundation. The results are like a more youthful, healthful energetic appearance. Turning a face from tired-looking and older to young and youthful takes extraordinary skill and experience. Dr. Raghu does this in several lengthy consultations where careful analysis of your expectations and goals are combined with what your anatomy will allow him to achieve in a safe and predictable way. Dr. Raghu calls it a “partnership” where both of you plan and agree. Regarded some of the excellent results in the country, Dr. Raghu’s skills and artistic expertise enable him to create “natural” outcomes, leaving your appearance more youthful and refreshed look.

  • Loose excess and folds of skin (facial lines and wrinkles)
  • Drooping facial traits (deep smile lines, mouth edges, falling cheeks)
  • Jowls (loose skin and fat pockets throughout the jawline)
  • Fat and wrinkles appearing around the neck (turkey neck)
  • A flat face, too long, weak chin or too short face (appearing bony foundations)

About Chin Implant

One of the most attractive feature of either male or female is a well defined jawline. The way it has been structured will define the overall look of an individual.

Well few people are blessed with well defined jawline whereas the others do not have such a balanced and attractive structure.

A good news is chin implant is the best way to customise your chin with the help of cosmetic surgery that will truly add improvement and enhancement to the structure of your entire face.

The Need of Chin Implant

If you are more concerned regarding the recessed or weak chin or more concerned to have proportion look the it is better you go a head with chin implant. It has ability to build up more confidence in you and give you new look. The chin implant is more focused on,

  • As chin implant enhances and brings chin into position it helps in improvising overall facial harmony.
  • A best way to set either a recessed or a weak chin.
  • The definition of jawline and the neck are well improved.
  • Some people may have a very small chin bone. With chin implants it has the capacity to minimise the look of both full and double chin.

How to Select a Facial Cosmetic Surgeon?

When you think of chin implant the first and the fore most you need to concentrate is who is going to perform the your chin implant. The cosmetic surgeon you choose need to have hand on experience and a professional as well.

When you reach a surgeon for chin implant be prepared to ask all your question like, the years of experience in this field, ask them to show before and after surgery photos, reviews and other essential feedbacks. All these questions should be well answered and you should find satisfying and ofcourse natural results.

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