Thread Lifts: Future of Non-Surgical Facelifts
As the life expectancy is predicted to increase in the coming years, the demand for non-surgical facelifts like thread lifts is expected to soar. So, the elimination of external signs of aging like wrinkles and sagging skin becomes more important than ever.

Why Millions Of Men Shifting Towards Hair Transplants?

A few years back, most of the men were struggling to treat their hair if they witness the constant loss. Even in current trends, millions of them are facing regular hair loss due to their daily lifestyle. However, it has become such a common thing among men and they are looking for the proper treatment…

The Key Benefits Of Using Platelet-Rich Plasma Prp Therapy

Our blood contains cells and platelets, with the former playing an essential part in the body’s recuperating cycle. These platelets contain many development factors that are useful in the recuperating system. PRP is a head healing therapy choice with flexible applications to mend different clinical issues…

Do you know by the time your hair thinning becomes noticeable, nearly 50% of your hair may have already been lost?

Hi, I am Dr.Raghu and I specialize in hair transplant procedures. I have overall 14 years of experience (practicing since 2010) in this field and have successfully performed 3500 to 4000 hair transplant surgeries so far…